Week 9-10-11 – Results

Last goal :
play between 4,500 to 8,000 hands on NL2
play 18 to 30 MTT

Result : Totally failed !

One day I will be able to achieve one of my own challenge ::D:

To remember my challenge was to grind NL2 and play couple of MTT nano buy-in. The goal of this was to train NL2 and start to improve my game. But I realized that it is hard to have a social life, a working life and a poker life. I can't succeed to train as must as I wanted and my results were pretty bad (you'll see).

So here is my results :

DateHandsNb Table playedDurationNet won
Week 9845113:14-3.73
Week 10805105:136.23
Week 111020103:27-9.01

2,670 hands in NL2 for a Net Win of -6.51. I'd got a lot of mental leak during those sessions which leaded me to some pretty hard loose. I failed to be focus at 100% and I called some nasty stuff.

Nb MTTTotal Buy-inITM pctNet wonAverage net won per MTTROI pct

On MTT side I just perform on a Freeroll, I finished 3rd on 700 players (from memory) but the cash prize was not so big : 3.5€. Sick. I'm even on MTT so, with around 20% ITM.

I don't have much to say because this is just a beginning. I have plan to do the same challenge during this three next weeks (I'm on holiday the last two weeks). And I try to work my NL2 poker by reading a lot of docs and books, so I'll continue that.

Basically I'll try to play at least 1h per day and work my NL2 during the same amount of time. In fact I'll try because I also have to use those holidays to rest.

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