Week 9-10-11 Challenge

Let's rock ! I'm full of motivation for the next three weeks. I think I finally find my way to progress.  And to test this out I will perform fix me the same game for the next 21 days (and finish just before my holidays).

So for the next three weeks I will have to play each week :

_ between 1,500 and 2,000 hands in NL2
_ 6 to 10 MTT (buy-in 0.25€ max)

And the end I should be able to have :

_ between 4,500 to 8,000 hands (7,5k would be great) in NL2
_ 18 to 30 MTT

This way I will see more clearly my level and the progress I will need to do. I will probably post hand reviews and progression status (especially hand reviews because the last one is very old). I hope I'll be positive in NL2 and get at least 30% ITM on MTT, let will be a good start.

And if you read my last post on Week-8 results, you already know that I lost my stats on my tracker. So I'll not be able to continue my "Since Day 1" table in the result posts. But That's not a big deal, and in fact it's a great opportunity to have a fresh start. So I will reset all my counters ! I'm super excited.

Good luck everyone, grind well and see you in a next post!

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