Week 8 – Results

Last goal :
play 750 hands on NL2
play 8 MTT

Result : Little failed !

Ok I didn't get to achieve my goals, AGAIN ! Let me explain :

I played the 750 hands, that was easy I played it all in only one session (4 tables). I started another session during the week (200 or 300 hands) but due to my live event last week-end I didn't have the time to play my 8 MTT.

But I really like this type of week : start 2-3 sessions of NL2 (I'll try to reach the 1,000 hands in a row) and one session full MTT (6PM to 1AM).

I also "loose" all my stats because of my computer. But it's not a bad thing, now I know what I want to perform I can start a clean progress. And this is what I will do : for the next three weeks !

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