New strategy, new challenge

Hey ! Long time no see ! Nearly 1 month since my last post. And you know what ? I still here, I just don’t have the time to deal with everything.

I didn’t go to the gym for a billion time, I didn’t eat healthy as I should (I now have a 1 pack instead of the 6 one) and I couldn’t find a way to play on a daily basis.

And after make some weekly challenges and two 3-week challenges I don’t think I will continue this way. I have to practice and play a lot but since I don’t have a correct daily routine I lost a lot of time and skip some session because of that. So I will try nothing new (yeah again!).

I really focused on NL2 5-handed since December 18th (just after my 9-10-11 Week challenge) so I decided to begin my “story” from this moment. I set some “levels” and I will write a post every time I pass one of those levels.

Those levels are based on the number of hands I make and for now I have 1,956 hands on NL2 5-handed, so the levels will be :

  • 5,000 hands,
  • 7,500 hands,
  • 10,000 hands,
  • 15,000 hands,
  • 20,000 hands,
  • 25,000 hands,
  • 50,000 hands,
  • 75,000 hands,
  • 100,000 hands.

And if I had enough BB win/100 I will shot NL5 and see how it’s going, and maybe up to this limit. After that I will make the same challenge for NL5 and so on.

This way if I will not be frustrated to loose my challenge because I don’t play enough hands but still have a good BB/100 ratio.


Wish me luck and let’s grind !

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