From Fish To Shark

Process Improvement


You probably ask yourself : “what is this sh… site ?!”. So let me introduce myself, my goal with this blog and what do I want to accomplish.


My goals for March 2018 :

  • Become a good poker player
  • Have the knowledge and the bankroll to deal with NL20
  • Three training at the gym by week
  • Eat healthy (one cheat meal a week)
  • Have a better management of my time
  • Improve my English

Me, Myself & I

Ok let’s dig into my “life”. I am 29 1/2 years old, I’m working in IT and I live in France. Years after my last play, I was tempted to play poker again this summer (2017). I always love this game due to his complexity and his psychological aspect. So in July I decided to create an account on three different poker website to start playing and start to learn. So at this time (09/27/2017), I consider myself a fish.

Days passed and I see more and more my 30-year-old coming, so I decided to start some challenges. The primary ones are : gain a good level at poker to start winning cash (at least go to NL20) and build a good life-style (sport / healthy food / management of time / stress).

And to accomplish all this, I think the best way to do this is to write down all my failures and my achievements. So here you are: in a kind of diary of goals that I want to accomplish before March 2018, before I turn 30 !


My first goal with this blog is to progress in Poker. I love this game, I love all the intellectual reflection you need, the tension, even the risk. And I love this feeling when I win at my table, as if I succeeded to use everything I just learned.

So at the end I want to reach NL20 with the correct bankroll, win money and have the level to take coaching lessons. And before that I will fix myself some weekly challenges (play X hands by week, watch videos, read some books, etc.).


In my personal life I spend too much time behind a screen. As an IT consultant (and a computer lover) I spend at least 12 hours per day with a computer in my hand (up to 18 hours some day). But thanks to my wife I went back at the gym, started to eat healthy, tried to deal with all the unforeseen events of the day and tried to manage my free time.

For now my “life-style” weekly goals are simple : three training at the gym, only one cheat meal, spend at least one hour per day for poker (playing or learn) and the rest of my free time with my wife.


If you read all this page you probably saw that English is not my mother tongue. I could write this blog in French but I want to improve my English : be more fluent, learn some vocabulary and stop making some stupid mistakes. And to do that I will need your help : if you spot some errors/mistakes let me know, really !

Have fun and evolve

And the last but not the least : I want to have fun and involve . Have fun when I play Poker, when I do sport, spend more time with my family, be a better version of myself. I don’t want to undergo my 30-year-old, I want to crush it !