[NL2] 15K

DateApril 12th, 2018 LimitNL2 Hands played15,059 Hands won2,678 (17.78%) Number of sessions169 Sessions won72 (42.60%) BB/1003.00       PositionHandsVPIPPFRBB C Won / 100BB C All-In Adj / 100 BTN3,30521.7519.1023.6323.25 CO3,08518.2517.4822.6917.80 MP2,12011.2711.23-5.52-2.69 BB3,27818.714.67-23.00-20.82 SB3,27126.9916.39-4.83-8.04   Hands15,059 VPIP20.09 PFR14.32 Total AFq45.42 […]

[NL2] 10K

DateFebruary 16th, 2018 LimitNL2 Hands played10,436 Hands won1,875 (17.97%) Number of sessions99 Sessions won37 (37.37%) BB/100-0.32     PositionHandsVPIPPFRBB C Won BB C All-In Adj BTN2,28221.3019.0221.0325.53 CO2,13017.2316.4427.0724.23 MP1,47910.4810.48-13.76-9.70 BB2,27518.614.52-36.55-24.68 SB2,27025.8615.86-2.42-8.77   Hands10,436 VPIP19.37 PFR13.85 Total AFq46.12 WTSD %31.04 WSD52.17